Presentation M O25

M O25 (Oral Presentation):
Multidiscipinary Orthopaedics Rehabilitation Empowerment (MORE) program – A new intervention approach for injured workers in Hong Kong

Presented by: S.W. Law


Law SW1, Chau WW2, Chan C3, Kwok A4, Szeto GPY5, Lai HS6, Hung LK7, Cheng JCY8

  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong Polytechnic University



The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of a coordinated rehabilitation program on the outcome of early return to work in injured workers with lower back musculoskeletal injuries and psycho-socio-occupational challenges


Patients with lower back musculoskeletal injuries from specialists clinics were screened and recruited to either MORE group (n=139) or control group (n=106). Patients in the MORE group received multidisciplinary management and followup coordinated by case managers, and patients from control group received conventional care in the public hospital system. In the MORE program, orthopaedic specialist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, pain specialist and the case manager work closely together to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program, as well as keeping frequent communication with employer and insurer.


The outcome variables are period to return-to-work, period for case settlement, and sick leave days. Patients in MORE program had significantly better outcomes in terms of shorter duration to return to work (MORE=6.1+3.7 months) versus (Control=12.8+8.2 months), duration to case settlement (MORE= 5.6+2.5 months, Control = 11.6+5.6 months), and mean sick leave days (MORE= 177.6+116.0, Control= 460.8+271.3)


This study has demonstrated the effectiveness of the MORE program, a coordinated multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach, in improving the return-to-work outcome of injured workers with low back injuries, The present results may influence the future management model for work rehabilitation in Hong Kong

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Monday September 29
15:45 - 17:15 Afternoon Concurrent Sessions (M O25 - M O37 and Seminar 3)
Session: Long-term work disability
Room A