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M P1 (Poster Presentation):
Evaluation of a rehabilitation program in Luxembourg

Presented by: Nicole Majery I


Delfosse V 1, Majery N 2

  1. Service de Santé au Travail, Luxembourg



Tha aim of the study was to evaluate the rehabilitation program for workers with long term sickness absence. A law for rehabilitation in Luxembourg defines that each worker being inable to do his job for medical reasons must be examined by the occupational physician in ordre to find an adapted duty inside the company, if they are occupying more than 25 people and have less than the required percentage of disabled people. The "Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel (STM)" has examined from January 2008 to December 2008 1049 workers in this program. The aim was to define which criteria could increase the probability to stay in the same company on an adapted workplace.


The retrospective study was conducted in 2012 and the population included was examinated in 2008, so that they have at least one follow up between 2008 and 2012 by an occupational health physician. The inclusion criterias were: 1. one physical examination in 2008 with a rehabilitation advice sent to the "Commission mixte " as previewed by the law ,2. the person has to work in companies with more than 25 workers where there exist specific rules for rehabilitation. Were analyzed the following items: age, sexe, size of the workplace, disability reason for rehabilitation, worktime adaptation. The aim was to define those criteria influencing the internal rehabilitation procedure.


443 files from 1049 were included in the study.The sex ration was 0,82 (184 women and 223 men)The mean age was 44 years and 37,9 % were aged from 40 to 49. 44,9 % worked in companies with more than 150 workers for more than 8 years. The main diseases causing the inability to stay at the same workplace were musculosqueletal disorders, mental health disorders and neurological diseases. The probability to have an adapted duty inside the company increases with the size of the company and with an age over 40 years .A worktime adaptation ( half time job) was proposed in 13,5 % for medical reasons. 164 of 191 with an internal rehabilitation procedure were on the same workplace 2 years after.


The age of the worker, the size of the company and being a female worker are factors increasing the probability of an internal rehabilitation. Workers with muskuloskeltal disorders are more likely to have an adapted duty.

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