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M P2 (Poster Presentation):
Cognitive functioning in sick listed patients referred for occupational rehabilitation

Presented by: Thomas Johansen

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Johansen T1, Skjerve A2

  1. National Centre for Occupational Rehabilitation, Rauland, Norway
  2. The Occupational Rehabilitation Centre, Rauland, Norway



Inpatient multidisciplinary occupational rehabilitation are offered to individuals on long term sick leave in Norway. The intervention contain various cognitive approaches. The aim is to improve work ability and sustainable return to work. Empirical research shows that cognitive abilities such as memory and attention are critical for successful work performance. However, there is a lack of research investigating whether cognitive changes take place during rehabilitation on patients with psychological and musculoskeletal disorders and was the aim of this pilot study as well as assessing the feasibility of the design before launching a multiregional study.


Participants Experimental group: 20 Individuals who have been on sick leave between 1 and 12 months Control group: 20 Individuals in full-time employment and who have been on sick leave for a maximum of 10 consecutive working days during the last year Design Non-randomised control group pretest-posttest design Materials Questionnaires: Subjective Health Complaints Inventory, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Fear Avoidance Beliefs Questionniare Cognitive tests: Simple and choice reaction time, spatial working memory Procedure Study period was February to May 2014 in an occupational rehabilitation clinic. The four-week intervention included consultations with psychologist/physician/psychiatric nurse targeting behavioural change, teachings about body and mind, coping with pain and stress and physical activity. The questionnaires and cognitive tests were administered at pretest (arrival) and posttest (departure) rehabilitation. Outcome measures Health complaints (questionnaires) and speed and accuracy of responses (cognitive tests)


The study is ongoing and results will be presented in the poster. Quantitative data: Comparing, between and within groups, mean gain scores and mean posttest scores (controlling for pretest differences) for attention and working memory Statistical tests include t-test and ANCOVA.


The results of the pilot study are expected to indicate whether improvements in cognitive functioning are evident in patients going through occupational rehabilitation. The study is testing the outcome measures and design of the multiregional study in order to make any appropriate adjustments.

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Monday September 29
12:45 - 13:45 Poster Viewing
Session: RTW interventions