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M P4 (Poster Presentation):
How many work-related therapeutic services receive patients with severe restrictions of work ability? Analysis of a representative rehabilitation sample across indications

Presented by: Marco Streibelt

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Streibelt M1, Egner U1, Brunger M2

  1. German Federal Pension Insurance (GFPI), Department of Rehabilitation, Berlin, Germany
  2. Charité Medical University Berlin, Institute for Medical Sociology



The aim of the study was to analyze how many work-related interventions were realized during medical rehabilitation on behalf of the German Federal Pension Insurance (GFPI), whether persons with severe restrictions of work ability (SRWA) received more work-related treatments and if the requirements of the Implementation Guideline for work-related rehabilitation in Germany were met.


A representative sample of working age persons insured in the GFPI stratified by main diagnosis groups fulfilled a postal questionnaire before admission to their rehabilitation centre. Work-related interventions, defined by explicitly recognizing the workplace information in the therapy – were measured by the Classification of Therapeutic Services (KTL), a German classification of interventions during medical rehabilitation.


The sample consisted of 2232 persons with full data. The duration of rehabilitation was 28 days with a total of 82 hours of therapy. Persons with SRWA received work-related interventions by an average of 6.1 hours. The difference to persons without SRWA was 2.4 (1.5 – 3.3) hours. The standardized mean differences for the treatment dose of persons with and without SRWA layed between .12 and .31 for different work-related modules. In none of the modules the required minimum level was met. There were no considerable differences in persons with and without SRWA receiving the required minimum level.


The analysis clearly stated the insufficient frequency and intensity of work-related treatments in medical rehabilitation in Germany. Especially the missing link between SRWA and work-related treatments indicates the strong need to further disseminate recently published guideline recommendations on the provision of work-related treatments.

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Monday September 29
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