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M P7 (Poster Presentation):
Seven Years Later: What’s new in Return to Work?

Presented by: Emma Irvin


Irvin E1, Amick B III1, Collie A2, Palagyi A2, Cullen K1, Gensby U3, Hogg-Johnson S1, Kristman V1, Laberge M4, Mahood Q1, Newman S2, Ruseckaite R2, Saunders R1, Sheppard D5, Shourie S2, Van Eerd D1

  1. Institute for Work & Health, Toronto, Canada
  2. Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research, Melbourne, Australia
  3. Roskilde University, Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  5. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia



In 2004 the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) published a mixed method systematic review on Workplace-based Return- to-Work (RTW) Interventions. The IWH and the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research in Australia have collaborated to update and expand this review to include research relating to system/ jurisdictional interventions and mental illness. Furthermore, it will determine whether the Seven Principles of Successful RTW, a globally recognized action tool, need to be adapted based on current evidence.


The team of researchers and stakeholders followed a systematic review process developed by the IWH: research question formulation; literature search; relevance review; quality appraisal; data extraction; and evidence synthesis. Review steps were completed with two independent reviewers coming to consensus for each reference. Synthesis of the evidence is ranked on a scale from strong evidence, through moderate, limited, and insufficient evidence.


The following electronic databases were searched from January 1990 until April 2012: Medline, EMBASE, PsycINFO, CINAHL, ABI Inform, Sociological Abstracts, ASSIA. This comprehensive search yielded 6896 non-duplicate references. From these references we found 57 articles that were relevant to answer our research question. Methodological quality scores for the relevant studies are higher than those from the previous review and previous reviews. There is a strong body of evidence for a variety of interventions across the workplace, system and mental illness domains within our research question.


We will present a synthesis of the evidence on the effectiveness of programs to reduce work disability and return injured workers to employment.

Schedule Details

Monday September 29
12:45 - 13:45 Poster Viewing
Session: RTW interventions