Presentation T P27

T P27 (Poster Presentation):
Protocol for the SEED-trial: Supported Employment and preventing Early Disability

Presented by: Vigdis Sveinsdottir


Sveinsdottir V1, Reme SE1

  1. Uni Health, Uni Research, Bergen, Norway



Early withdrawal or exclusion from the labor market leads to large individual and societal costs, and young adults receiving disability pension is an increasingly important problem in Norway. While there is a large and growing body of research demonstrating the advantageous effects of Supported Employment (SE) in patients with serious mental illness (SMI), there is no existing evidence of the effect of SE in the group of young adults at risk of being excluded from working life, regardless of diagnosis.


The SEED-trial is a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) aiming to compare Traditional Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR) to Supported Employment (SE) in 210 unemployed individuals between 18-29 years old. The main outcome is labor market participation collected through registry data, and secondary outcomes are cost/effectiveness and survey data on various measures including physical and mental health, health behaviors, and well-being, collected at baseline, 6, and 12 months.


Results from this trial will provide significant information to patients, health care providers and commissioners about which rehabilitation scheme works for whom.


The SEED-trial will generate evidence-based knowledge on vocational rehabilitation of young adults at risk of being excluded from the labor market. It will be the first RCT to compare SE to TVR in this important and vulnerable group, at risk of being excluded from working life before having had the chance to establish themselves on the labor market.

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Tuesday September 30
12:45 - 13:45 Poster Viewing
Session: Mental disorders