Presentation W P28

W P28 (Poster Presentation):
Cross cultural adaptation of instruments assessing work ability, self-efficacy and readiness to return to work

Presented by: Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen


Momsen AH1, Labriola M1, Lund T1, Stapelfeldt CM1

  1. MarselisborgCentret, Public Health and Quality Improvement, Central Denmark Region



Employees on long-term sickness absence often experience problems with work disability after return to work (RTW), and risk of sickness absence can be increased for a period after RTW. Assessment of health-related work functioning after RTW and readiness to return to work when sick-listed claim relevant instruments applicable to practice. In Denmark the municipal jobcentres are in charge of granting social benefits including sickness absence, which is based on work ability and health. However, quality validated instruments to assess work ability and readiness to RTW are lacking. The main objective of this study is to translate, adapt and test the international validated instruments: the Work Role Functioning Questionnaire, the Readiness to Return to Work Scale and the Return to Work Self-Efficacy Scale.


The three instruments cover different aspects of the RTW-process; being at sick leave, before and after RTW. The adaptation follows a systematic procedure with pre-testing and validation in the target language of the final versions in a municipal jobcentre and at regional workplaces. Assessment of self-reported self-efficacy and readiness to RTW at an early stage of sickness absence may be useful to the social worker together with information of the health, personal and social circumstances to make decisions about interventions before RTW. Assessment of work role functioning and risk of recurrent sickness absence will be explored 4 weeks after RTW in a workplace context. A cross-sectional study will be conducted to explore the reliability and validity of the instruments; among a group sick-listed and a group of 400 employees after RTW. The responsiveness of the three instruments will be examined in a sample of the two populations.


Results will be presented at the conference.


Conclusions will be presented at the conference.

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Wednesday October 1
13:00 - 14:00 Poster Viewing
Session: Vulnerable workers & ethical issues